When you receive your Medicare card, you might believe that you can obtain whatever healthcare services that you need or want. In fact, Medicare alone does not pay for all of your medical care. It can actually leave you with significant medical bills to pay.

To ensure that you do not go into significant medical debt or forgo seeking certain healthcare services, you can take out another plan that will act as secondary to your regular Medicare. You can get this additional coverage by investing in a worthwhile Medicare supplement plan.

Assistance with Copayments

When you go to the doctor, you typically must pay copayments even if you have Medicare. The copayments may not seem like a lot to cover out of your own pocket. However, when you go to the doctor regularly, you can accrue heft copayment obligations that strain your budget.

Instead of struggling to pay them or cutting back on doctors' appointments that you need to stay safe and well, you can take out a Medicare supplement policy that will help you cover some or all of your copayments. You may only need to pay a few bucks out-of-pocket each time that you go to the doctor. You may even have your entire copayment covered for you.

Assistance Paying for Deductibles

Your Medicare supplement policy may also help you pay for your deductibles. Deductibles can be expensive to pay out of your own budget. They can range in the hundreds or thousands of dollars and be more than you can pay for alone.

Your Medicare supplement might pay a portion of your deductibles and leave you with less to cover on your own. You can meet them easier and reach a point quicker in the year to where your entire medical bill may be covered in its entirety. 

Access to Other Healthcare Services

Finally, while Medicare alone may pay for you to visit your primary care doctor or stay in the hospital, it may not pay for any dental or vision care that you need. When you need dental work done or need a new pair of glasses, you might face having to pay for this care out of your own pocket. With a Medicare supplement plan, however, you may have some or all of the costs for vision and dental care paid for you. 

A Medicare supplement plan serves an important purpose. It may help cover your copayments. It also may pay for some of your deductibles and help pay for dental and vision care that you need.