Medicare is a great insurance assistance program that is federally funded and helps you get the medical care you need. You can receive different types of Medicare based on your current financial and medical needs. You'll want to talk to an agent for the service to see what services will apply to you and if you qualify.

Do you have questions about receiving or continuing Medicare? If you do, you'll want to get answers before you add to, change, or apply for this medical assistance. Here are things to have ready when you call to ask about this federally funded program.

Your Income

Do you receive an income, either with retirement benefits, getting paid for contractor work, your job, or another income? Your income can affect how much Medicare services you qualify for and if you make too much money, you may not be eligible at all. Income is anything you receive on a regular basis; if you receive a lump sum from a home sale, inheritance, or other means, then this can be considered a resource rather than income.

Your Medical Needs

Have a list of your current medications and prescriptions that you wonder will be covered by Medicare. You also want to check with your doctor so you can get a diagnosis in writing of any medical conditions you have so you can verify coverage of these things. If you need physical or speech therapy or other types of continued services, make sure the agent knows about these things.

The more upfront you are about your health needs, the better your insurance assistance agent will be able to help you get into a program that will meet your needs. Your income, along with your health requirements, are what an agent usually uses to help determine your eligibility into certain programs.

Keep in mind that every state may have its own requirements for how their service works and what areas they cover. In order to get the most accurate information for your area, let your agent know what state and region you are in when you call about Medicare assistance.

If your medical or financial situation changes while on Medicare, let an agent know right away. Changes can be made immediately or put into place the following month. In many cases, services are put into effect the same day they are requested so you don't have to wait for enrollment dates; your agent will let you know if this is the case for you.

If you are interested in learning more, contact a Medicare general agency near you.